In private practice since 1991

My goal as a skilled, experienced, and professional psychotherapist is to help improve your general mental health. I assist you to clarify your needs and goals and validate what you bring to the session. We explore issues while you learn essential tools and skills, and integrate them in a practical and comfortable manner. I utilize best practice guidelines in identification and delivery of treatment, while respecting diverse personal values and beliefs.

I have helped clients from Hamilton, GTA, and provided services in all provinces and territories. My services and specialties include psychotherapeutic counselling and treatment, chronic condition and pain services, trauma counselling and PTSD treatment, and additional services. Treatment is always tailored to individual client needs and learning style. Problems addressed in treatment sessions can include:

My services can be covered by extended health care benefits programs that I am an approved provider for including: Employee Assistance Programs, Blue Cross Veteran's Affairs, Ministry of Attorney General VQRP, Green Shield, WSIB, and First Nations Inuit Health Branch Non-Insured Health Benefits, most insurance companies, Criminal Injuries Compensation, CF Health Units.

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"She was absolutely fantastic. Staff had nothing but nice things to say about her. They would love to have her back again if anything else like this were to happen again."
"Pam was wonderful and helped me a lot. She gave me a different perspective on how to deal with my problem. Very very helpful. Thanks!"
"Thoroughly enjoyed meeting Pam. Learned some new life skills I will forever cherish."
"My counsellor, Pam, was amazing and very understanding with the concerns I brought to my sessions."
"We cannot thank you enough for your wonderful guidance. You have truly enriched our lives."
"Thank you so much for everything that you've helped me with and for teaching me so much. I'm forever grateful!"
"The staff appreciated meeting with Pam. They liked the support and felt comfortable with her. She helped make a very sad and difficult situation just a little more bearable."
"With her caring manner, Pam was committed to working with me to achieve an effective solution to my problems. She was able to identify a wide variety of community resources of potential benefit to my family."
"Pam's individual and group counselling sessions were instrumental in restoring the confidence, courage and unity of the staff. Her professionalism and genuine interest shown gave such encouragement to everyone."
"Pam is wonderful. She helped me a great deal with my problem. Hats off to her!"
"It is clear to me that Pam has a great dedication to her chosen field. She is the consummate professional in all her dealings with our organization and the individuals requesting assistance. I express my heartfelt thanks to Pam for all her positive, professional assistance."
"Your skills, integrity and teamwork forged considerable alliances with the people who requested your help and provided them with the support and care they needed. Your compassion and professionalism is appreciated."
"Thank you for your assistance in getting my life back on a more appropriate track."
"Pam was fabulous! She was very helpful and I felt really comfortable with her talking about my personal life. Thank you. I highly recommend Pam Townsend."
"Pam Townsend is an excellent counsellor. She has a very welcoming demeanor and I felt very comfortable talking to her about personal issues. She provided me with an attentive ear, sound advice and tangible strategies to take away with me."
"I am definitely feeling better after my sessions with Pam. Pam is a competent counsellor and a wonderful person. I have a lot of respect for her and feel fortunate to have had her as a counsellor."
"I have a lot of respect for her and feel fortunate to have had her as a counsellor. She was very accomodating with appointment times, i.e. evenings and easily accessible."
"She was excellent to talk to and gave me new perspectives."