Psychotherapy and Counselling

Change, growth, and healing occurs in the context of confidential, therapeutic interaction. I hold the importance of the therapeutic relationship as most valuable.

In the early sessions, I tend to actively listen as I gather information, conceptualize the problem, and encourage a therapeutic alliance, prior to providing symptom relief. Reciprocal appreciation between me and you encourages a working relationship that promotes greater understanding, openness, and flexibility in your coping methods, and skills. Ultimately the success of therapy lies in your understanding of yourself and what tools are most appropriate to your needs. The process is highly participatory and collaborative. It involves problem solving and your sense of participation in your own journey.

A free 10 minute telephone contact is offered where you are encouraged to ask relevant questions.

Personal problems can arise as a result of single life changes or complex and/or historical reasons in one's personal life. Referrals for treatment are accepted from Employee Assistance Programs, insurance companies, Blue Cross Veteran's Affairs, Ministry of Attorney General VQRP, WSIB, and First Nations Inuit Health Branch, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, government agencies, private industry, and CF Health Units.

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